The Interview Competition is a great time to let the judges know just why they should pick you as an IJM International Queen. Our judges are warm and friendly. They like to see a kid being a kid, and a teen who enjoys being a teenager. Miss delegates will have the opportunity to speak a little bit more about their plans for the future. There are no political, religious or textbook questions. The judges want to know who you are! Delegates should wear a nice dress or one-piece pants suit (no suits). You will need to be in line at least 15 minutes prior to your group’s scheduled interview. There is a 2-point minimum deduction per judge for tardiness.


Each delegate will model an outfit of her own choosing. It must be age appropriate and it should portray the delegate’s personal sense of style and fashion. This outfit should be fun! It can be as simple or ornate as you would like. No denim attire, please. You may accessorize as you like, but no props such as umbrellas, purses or bags will be allowed on stage.


All delegates must wear a floor length gown that is age appropriate for the Evening Gown competition. Remember, fit and style are very important in this competition. We suggest taking time to get your garments tailored by a professional seamstress to fit your body. Following trends are great, but make sure that you select a dress style that compliments your particular body type. Delegates are judged on grace, poise, and elegance during their presentation.

The International Pageant consists of three preliminary competitions: Interview, Fun Fashion & Evening Gown Competition. Each competition counts as one-third of your total preliminary score. The panel of judges will give a score ranging from 1 to 9 points in each preliminary category which will determine the top semi-finalists in each division.

During finals, the top semi-finalists will receive an additional 1 to 9 points for fun fashion which will be added to their overall preliminary score. At that time, the semi-finalists with the top 5 highest combined scores will receive an additional 1 to 9 points for evening gown which will be added to their overall preliminary score and final night fun fashion score. The total of preliminary scores and final night scores will determine the final placement for the overall top 5. The judges will have the final vote and preliminary scores will assist to break all ties.



  • Princess and Jr. Pre-Teens are not allowed to wear makeup during interview competition. Only lip gloss will be permitted.
  • Pre-Teens may wear natural makeup for interview.
  • All Junior Divisions (Princess, Jr. Pre-Teen & Pre-Teen) are allowed to wear natural makeup under the harsh lights during stage competitions. Hair styling and make-up when allowed should be age appropriate.
  • All Senior Divisions (Jr. Teen, Teen & Miss) should consider natural makeup for interview competition and appropriate makeup for all other competitions.

Optional competitions are an additional opportunity for delegates to express their style, skills, and talents on our beautiful international stage. Optional competitions a rejudged by a separate panel of judges and do not impact the selection of our new International Royalty.