We are so excited to introduce an Official Group exclusively for IJM International titleholders. This is the ONLY Official Facebook Group ran by IJM Staff that you are guaranteed to get the correct info about Internationals. This group is for girls (and parents) who have qualified AND registered for the 2021 IJM International Pageant at.

This page is for titleholders and parents ONLY! You must be approved by admin to be a member of this group. This group is designed for direct communication between paid International titleholder and your International office. If you have not done so already, go directly to the Official Group run by the International office at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ijm2021

Why ask other people questions when you are not guaranteed accurate answers? You are guaranteed straight forward answers from the people in charge. Don’t forget you can always text us directly at 832-652-6484.

This is a great page to get to know the other girls in your division before the International pageant. When you join introduce yourself to the group with your name, pic and something about yourself.

Feel free to invite fellow 2021 titleholders. They must provide the contestants’ full name and be approved by an admin before allowed into the private group. We can’t wait to keep you updated and answer all your questions. We are busy planning for #IJMInternationals2021 and want to keep you in the know. Stay Safe, Sparkle and Sanitize!

Remember, if you haven’t done so already just go to the Official Group run by the national office at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ijm2021